What we do

HireYou offers free video interview practice designed to closely mimic an actual HireVue/Sonru interview.

Practice using real HireVue questions and review your videos.

Your video never leaves your computer – nobody except you can see it.

HireYou only supports desktop Google Chrome



HireYou is currently an alpha product. There may be a few bugs, and I haven't tested it on many different setups. This version is essentially a cleanup of the codebase from a hackathon, built by Robert Martin, Shiv Godhia and Justin Hou. In future I will be migrating it to a new backend.

Your feedback would be immensely valuable, please do reach out to me for any suggestions. Some of the features on the current roadmap:

  • Custom time settings for preparation and answers
  • Filter questions by company
  • More questions (will be adding to it as I go)